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The elections are over…almost. Except for a runoff in district 5, we know who will represent us for the next few years. Mayor Santellana gets two more years to focus on his economic development strategy.

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Time and again the #1 topic you ask me about is economic development. That’s why years ago we started our Economic Forum, to give you a chance to hear from some of the brightest business minds around.

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An article published by USA Today lists the top 25 cities in the United States with the highest percentage of high school graduates. Statistics on unemployment rates are also shown.

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The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce is proud to present Mike Randle, owner and publisher of Southern Business and Development Magazine, at the 2018 Economic Forum on Wednesday, Nov. 14th

I'm hearing more and more these days - that for a business to succeed, we must be a city where people want to live.

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