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The first step every business owner should take is joining their local Chamber of Commerce.  

Here in Wichita Falls, our Chamber strives to build a better community through economic development, advocacy and member services.  Our number one goal is to ensure that every business in Wichita Falls is not only successful, but experiencing growth as well.  The Chamber hosts regularly scheduled networking events on a weekly, monthly and annual basis where business owners can get to know each other, share leads and generate innovative ideas together.  
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The Chamber offers even more networking opportunities with other programs and committees, including the Gold Coats, Leads Groups, Chairman's Council and Executive Committee.

Gold Coats

One of the most enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated and actively engaged groups within the Chamber, these men and women serve the community by welcoming new businesses and attending Chamber functions!

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Leads Groups

Members are encouraged to attend leads groups or create their own leads group.  These groups are small and intimate, where members generate and share business leads with each other.

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Chairman's Council

Our top investors receive extra benefits not currently available within lower tiers.  These investors are dedicated to ensuring the financial well-being of Wichita Falls, and are often engaged in executive functions and events.  Please see our Tiers Grid to learn more about this tier.

Executive Committee

The small group of executives and business professionals from around our community offer support to the Chamber, attend regular meetings to discuss our business climate, and ensure that the Chamber is being run smoothly.  


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