Target Industries

Wichita Falls, Texas is well-equipped to handle three large-scale industries at this time.  The Chamber is currently in the process of working with consultants from BFPC to introduce more opportunities for investment, expansion and possibilities in the area.  This study will be complete within the next several months, so be sure to check back soon for more updates!


 Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Parts Suppliers and Refurbishment
Geographically we are in the center of the three aerospace powerhouses: Dallas/Fort Worth, Oklahoma City and Wichita Kansas. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in our community coming form strong relationship with Sheppard Air force Base. Retiring military with outstanding aerospace skills from Altus, Abilene, and Sheppard produce a ready-made high quality workforce.

Work Services Corp
Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing
Wichita Falls already hosts a variety of manufacturing companies who's employees have a strong work ethic and a three-shift-a-day mentality. Our region is primarily non-union, and has a rich history of large scale manufacturing. Your business would be among other successful manufacturers that call Wichita Falls Home including, Alcoa/Howmet, Cryovac, PPG, Pratt Whitney, and Work Services Corp. Wichita Falls also has generous excess capacities of electricity, natural gas, good transportation linkages, and a central location. The air quality in Wichita Falls allows manufacturing easier access to PSD permits. As your partners, we want to make Wichita Falls your next home for Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing.

Data Center

Data Centers:
Data Centers are a great compliment to the resources and infrastructure in our area. We have low cost land, both developed and raw. Our electricity cost is well below that found in Dallas/Ft. Worth metro area. In addition, schools like Midwestern State University and Vernon College can produce graduates with the skills to work in a data center environment.