Thinking Outside the Internship Box: Part 2

Taylor Davis
thinking outside the internship box part 2

In my last article, I outlined the talent pools that you can tap when creating an internship program. Today, I am sharing with you the different types of internship programs that you can create to benefit your organization. Thinking outside of a traditional internship model can help you tailor a program that best fits your needs while still connecting your organization to the community and creating a self-made hiring pool. This is ideal for an employer who is experiencing workforce challenges but, does not have the ability to take on the training and development of the usual three-month, student-intern model. Learn more about different types of internships below:


Temporary employment of a high school or college student, sometimes without pay, for them to learn more about industry as it relates to their education, typically taking place over a summer or semester session.


Hands-on, experiential learning that supplements curriculum provided by an educational institution, typically hosted over a longer time frame of six to nine months.


Developing and orienting experienced, talented individuals who are seeking to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence, and is not limited to a specific timeframe as it is not tied to an academic program.


Temporary training program in a workplace, similar to a job shadowing opportunity with a hands-on component, that offers an inside look to how an organization functions or provides goods and services, typically not to exceed more than a few days, weeks or up to a month in length.


Professional development and mentoring-focused training program for highly educated or experienced professionals to benefit a specific organization that is looking to expand leadership, typically lasting a few months to several years.


Defined as “earn and learn,” an apprenticeship combines formal education with on-the-job training opportunities to learn both technical and soft skills, typically lasting a few months to a year, with an option to hire at the conclusion of the program.

Though traditional timelines have been provided in the above definitions of internships, it’s important to consider the positive impact of retaining an intern for an extended period. The longer an intern works within your program, the more knowledge and experience they gain about the both their job and your organization. This greatly increases their ability to function as an asset on your team if hired for full-time employment.

With both the competition and growing need for talented workforce increasing, internships allow for opportunities to recruit and retain individuals in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area. There’s an intern to fit your every need at every level of education and experience. Ready to get started? Refer to our free Employer Guide to take your step-by-step through the development process. Have questions? Email Taylor Davis, the Wichita Falls Talent Partnership Director, at Taylor@WichitaFallsChamber.com.

What are the different types of interns?

High School Students Undergraduate Students Graduate Students Returning Workforce Active Duty, Veterans, Military Spouses

Why should I hire an intern?

Flexibility Leadership and professional development opportunities for employees Increase employee retention New ideas and perspectives Connection to educators and community Save money when compared to hiring a part-time or full-time employee

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