Life, COVID-19, and the Art of Social Distancing

The old saying goes: “life is what happens when you’re making other plans.”  And boy, has the past two years been a whirlwind of plans.  Plans on creating a partnership between two organizations to start a new, killer organization for peers who are just starting out in their careers to get involved, learn, and really have a voice in our community.  Figuring out what other organizations have done that might be similar.  Seeing what’s out there and deciding it just wasn’t good enough for what we’re wanting to accomplish.  Starting at the drawing board and slowly but surely, seeing something that could be incredible emerge.  Seeing The Circuit emerge.

In case you haven’t heard, The Circuit is an up and coming nonprofit organization powered by the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, where the focus is supporting and empowering emerging young leaders in our community.  This is achieved with each member having regular meetings with their very own mentor related to their desired field, an action team that fits in with their interests, professional training, and support, all backed up with a network of like-minded people, aspiring to and achieving a community in which their voice is heard.

Just when things really started cooking and we could really see what such an organization could look like, COVID-19 dropped into the scene, wreaking havoc not just on our carefully constructed plans, but the country’s.  Overwhelmed healthcare facilities, social distancing, businesses closing their doors to try to stop the spread. In short, absolute chaos.

bumpy road

Why do I always think things will work out smoothly? History does not lend itself well to that end…

What else to do but keep calm and carry on, right?  Maybe I didn’t always nail it on the calm part, but hiding in my room, pulling the covers over my head and living out my life in the comfy security that provided wasn’t an option.  At least not for more than a couple of days, because let’s be honest, some of that DEFINITELY was happening at my house.

I probably only stayed under there for a few days, max. You believe me, right?

But really, you’ve only heard about the crazy bits, maybe because those are the parts that have been up front and center for what seems like forever, but in reality has only made up the last couple of months.  For the year or so before that, there’s been laughter, fun brainstorming sessions, and spitballing about what we want our community to look like.  How to get it there.

For every crazy-COVID month, there have been many incredible ones full of cool, intelligent, hard-working people, all working towards a common goal.  Creating an awesome organization that gives those just starting out the opportunity to plug in, learn about this place we call home and add their voice to create change.  Making Wichita Falls a better place to live, a place that mirrors the change WE want to see in the world.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Welcome to the world, Circuit.  I can’t wait to see how you grow.

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