Internship How-To: Choosing Leadership During Internship Program Development

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So, you’re ready to start the process of developing an internship process. You’ve made your considerations and determined what kind of intern and internship you wish you pursue. Now it’s time for your next step; choosing who will provide guidance and leadership for your program creation, development, and implementation.

To begin a successful internship program, your organization will need a mix of strong internal and external support.

Internal Support – Your Team Members

Internal support, as inferred, is made up of your team members who have skills and interest in training, mentorship and strategic alignment. This group will help keep your program on-track with your business needs and achieving goals. Internal examples can include: project leads, direct supervisors, office directors, human resources and recruiting staff.

External Support – Your Community

External supporters can allow your internship program tied into a larger community goal of developing and retaining home-grown talent. Additionally, external supporters may be able to provide your intern with unique opportunities for growth and connection while also providing your organization with resources for success. External organizations could include (but are not limited to) the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce, Workforce Solutions North Texas, Texas Department of Labor, labor unions and other local community leaders.

A well-rounded team of stakeholders will assist in defining a unified vision and help set goals, benchmarks and measurables to define what a healthy program will look like. There is also the opportunity to use diverse perspectives to make changes or improvements as needed.

Now that you have your perfect leadership team in place, it’s time to get to work on outlining your internship program! Refer to our free Employer Guide to take your step-by-step through the development process. Have questions? Email Taylor Davis, the Wichita Falls Talent Partnership Director, at Taylor@WichitaFallsChamber.com.


What are the different types of interns?

High School Students
Undergraduate Students
Graduate Students
Returning Workforce
Active Duty, Veterans, Military Spouses

What are the different types of internships?


Why should I hire an intern?

Leadership and professional development opportunities for employees
Increase employee retention
New ideas and perspectives
Connection to educators and community
Save money when compared to hiring a part-time or full-time employee

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