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Congratulations! You’re coming up on your first introduction to your new Circuit mentee! Here’s everything you need to know and do to get the most out of this initial meeting: 

Before the Meeting:

Desired Outcome: Be prepared for the meeting to ensure productivity.

Reflect on your experience.

Take a look at all of your accomplishments – and lessons learned – so you can have a mental inventory of stories and recommendations to share with your mentee. Take it a step further and look back at their areas of interest (provided in your matching email) so you’re prepared for where the conversation may go and how you can relate.

Review their resume.

We’ve recommended your mentee to send you their updated resume, CV or bio. If they do, be sure to look it over. You’ve be able to see where they’ve been and learn who they are as a professional. This can help you save time and not have to start from scratch as you’re looking at where they want to go.

Confirm the meeting.

A few days before you’re scheduled to meet, send a quick confirmation email, text or call to be sure you’re appointment is still a go.


During the Meeting:

Desired Outcome: Get to know your mentee and vice versa.

Introduce yourself.

Take a moment to explain who you are, what you do and why you’re at where you are in your life and career. Remember, you only have to share what you’re comfortable with.

Ask them about their career journey.

You were matched with your mentee based on professional capability, so it’s very likely that you have more in common than you may think! You may be in a place in your career that they’ve already overcome. Take a moment to find that connection. *Hint hint* this will go back to the areas of interest we provided in your matching email, it’s how all matches are made!

Listen to what they’re looking to develop.

You already know their areas of interest, but listening to them share why those are their areas of interest will tell you so much more about how you can help them.

Set ground rules.

Are there any topics that you or your mentee aren’t comfortable with? When’s the best time (or worst time) to contact you? Do you want to meet more than just quarterly? What is your preferred method of communication? All great things to discuss at this first meeting.

Develop goals for this new professional relationship.

As their mentor, you will be able to help your mentee establish next steps to get them to where they want to be. Toward the end of your conversation, try discussing what that looks like. You don’t have to a complete map drawn out yet, but at least know where their starting line is.


After the Meeting:

Desired Outcome: Define a path forward.

Reflect on your meeting.

Did you accomplish what you wanted to from your first meeting with your mentee? Did you define next steps to start or continue their journey? Is there more information you need to share or gather? This is a great time to be thinking about what to prepare for with your next meeting.

Follow up and schedule your next meeting.

Using your mentee’s preferred method of contact, follow up to schedule your next meeting.


The Circuit allows you the space to maneuver the relationship with your mentee however you see fit. Please use the above information as a guide, but know that you have the freedom to define what that looks like for you both.

Whatever you do at your first mentee meeting, remember to have fun, be open to providing feedback, and enjoy yourself. This is your opportunity for one-on-one conversation about your career, passion, and goals. Take advantage of it!

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Our city is filled to the brim with entrepreneurs, families of all ages, young professionals, college students, military families, airmen in training, and artists! We invite you to take a stroll to the Falls, walk the historic downtown to see the renowned World's Littlest Skyscraper and dine on local cuisine. We know you'll fall in love with Wichita Falls.

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Your investment in your Chamber comes with tangible benefits, from business and professional development to relationship-building opportunities. In addition, your investment continues to support Chamber programs and initiatives that positively impact business’s quality of life. We offer a range of investment options that align with your business objectives. We hope you see the Chamber as an extension of your business and allow us the opportunity to learn more about your challenges as well as successes.