Tips on Turning an Internship into a Full-time Job

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Tips on Turning an Internship into a Full-time Job

By: Jasmine Amo

Through the many decisions we are presented with during our time as undergraduate students, the choice of applying for an internship may be the most effective way to tip the scale towards the pathway of success. Depending on your timing, attitude, and connections made, you could be presented with the opportunity to transition to full-time employment with your company. The following tips will aid in the process of securing future employment by turning your internship into a full-time job.

Attitude Matters

You will always catch more flies with honey. The moment you step foot in your internship role you also step foot towards building your personal reputation. Ensure you commit to carrying yourself with confidence, greeting your coworkers, and meeting new individuals. Likewise, dedicate time for constant growth, learning, kindness, and compassion. Through your actions, you will build immeasurable, lasting relationships with those around you and add to the likelihood of your internship being made into a full-time position.

Transition Downtime into Opportunity

While in your internship role, you may find yourself with some downtime if you have completed all your tasks ahead of their prescribed due dates. Opposed to sitting around and watching the clock tick away, inquire to your supervisor about additional work they may need help with. This will indicate to them that you are ambitious and willing to aid in the betterment of their workload, which will help in the productivity of the overall office. Take free time in the office as your opportunity to display that you are a team player and wish to help your boss alleviate time from easier tasks for higher-level projects that require their attention. This can help you build a rapport and prove that you will be a valuable asset to your company.      

Request Feedback

If your new internship role does not have an established grading evaluation system for your role, request feedback from your supervisor. This can be done after you have completed assignments, spoken in staff meetings, or any other relevant time. This can enable you to continuously improve and meet expectations. Do not be afraid to ask questions, you can glean and grow characteristics you perform well in and build upon those your boss recommends you progress in. If you can display that you are refining yourself to be the best employee you can become for your company, your employer will find it easier to hire you. 

Networking Continuously

During the span of your internship, you will cross paths and meet a magnitude of individuals you never would have had the opportunity to run into prior to accepting the position. Use these events to build your base of networking opportunities while in your internship position. These interactions will allow you to build connections with professionals around you create opportunities to receive direction for your career’s future.

Ask Questions

It is imperative that you request an explanation regarding tasks and newly presented information that you are unsure of or need clarification about. A lack of understanding of expectations, processes, rules, and regulations can lead to costly and even legal mistakes that could result in a headache to your company. Furthermore, when your employer can witness you taking an active interest in bettering your knowledge of their company and the specific roles they perform, they will develop a better appreciation of your work ethic passion for their organization.  

Thank Others

When a member of your organization invests their time in your personal growth, it is important for you to recognize it as such. They would not be buying into something that they do not see value in. Through thanking those who one, provide aid and growth opportunity to you, and avidly take interest in you, you can reward their investments through your quality and sincerity, so say thank you! You will find that those who are appreciated will be more willing to help you in the future and are more considerate regarding their actions assisting you with your endeavors. By taking a moment to express your gratitude, you can assure them that their investment of time and energy for your professional development and growth is worthwhile. 

Maintain Relationships

Whether you decide to remain with the company you interned with, or venture elsewhere, ensure you continue the relationships you built along your path. Try connecting with your team members on LinkedIn so you can stay in touch. You never know, they may recommend you for other open positions they may hear of or connect you with those who can additionally aid you in your chosen career path.

So there you go! Everything we have discussed can help build your rapport with an employer and help you open your own doors to full-time employment. Above all, be you and keep working towards your professional goals.

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