5 Lessons from the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce

Jasmine Amo
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5 Lessons from the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce

My time here at the Chamber has taught me many integral concepts regarding my own professionalism in a business role. From the individuals I work with every day that serve as my personal mentors, to the growth opportunities presented to me while in this role at the Chamber, I have been incredibly fortunate to undergo the transition from a college student, to professional-post graduate while in my internship here. The following lessons will serve to display fundamental guidelines that were taught to me during my duration as an intern here in the Chamber of Commerce of Wichita Falls.

Lesson 1: Company Culture & Setting the Tone

I have learned the important role that a team captain has over their employees. Our President and CEO’s continuous display of leadership, accountability, and professionalism has taught me what characteristics I should expect out of my future employers. Daily embodiment of our organization culture plays a direct role in the continuation of compassion and community development-drive this Chamber embodies.

Lesson 2: Office Etiquette

The growing pains of continuous involvement and mental acuity within a workplace was certainly a huge learning curve for me. Forming sincere relationships with my coworkers has not been a challenge, but at times was a challenge to display avidly since I did not wish to be taken as insincere or repetitious of my compliments. Considering this was my first professional position in my entire life, I had to learn that unlike in my school or personal life, the team around me was constant, so continuous cooperation and teamwork was required to ensure our best collective work. I am fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who are extremely positive, sincere, team-oriented, and kind. Though I have had growing pains, I also believe that these were the best people I could have chosen to make this imperative transition in my life.

Lesson 3: Recognizing Achievements

The word “accomplishment” may imply the completion of a grandiose act, however, to develop integrity, ambition, and dynamic-thought within an individual, small yet imperative acts must be recognized and praised. Whether someone has taken the steps towards limiting their usage of filler words when speaking to a crowd or landed an external company prospect for relocation to Wichita Falls, this team has displayed to me the necessity of celebrating accomplishments for continuous growth and progression within the workplace.

Lesson 4: Developing Strengths

The Chamber promotes awareness of our strengths and blind spots for the betterment of our skills when working as a team. Though our team openly discusses our individual strengths, we are able to expand our understanding of our own skills and how they contribute to our team as a whole.

Lesson 5: Networking

The Chamber has displayed to me how I should professionally conduct myself through member engagements and accountability to membership partners. Additionally, through the team’s creation of unique programs, the Chamber has taught me that inclusion and development of our city’s workforce is imperative for lasting community prosperity. Networking is key for the investment of long-term success.

The Chamber’s direct involvement in my mental expansion and growth for what a future employer will expect for me to do in my professional future has imparted a lifestyle and character expectation for myself that I will carry and build upon within whatever pathway life has in store for me. Growth and advancements are continuing to come into the city of Wichita Falls. I can confidently and proudly say that the Chamber has selected the right team members to lead the way!

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