Determining Scope of Work & Selecting a Target Intern

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Determining Scope of Work and Selecting a Target Intern

Before you begin searching for an intern, you first will need to determine what projects your intern will be working on. It’s better to go into a new internship program with a plan in place. Deciding what the intern can and will be responsible for will help your organization decide on a target intern, which type of internship to offer and create a job description.

The best way to start is to consider some of the following:

  1. What will be the daily duties of the intern?
  2. What skills or level of education does your intern need to possess to participate in your workforce effectively?
  3. Are there age or licensing restrictions in your organization that limit the work that can be done by an individual?
  4. Will you assign a special project for the intern to complete?
  5. In which department can an intern best fit, and who will be their supervisor?

Developing an outline around the above areas will provide clear direction to you and your team as you’re moving forward with your internship process.

Now that you know what will be done, you can determine who will be doing it. It’s important to consider what skills you wish your intern/s to possess before deciding which type of internship you want to offer.

To help you get started, answer the following questions about what you’re looking for in an ideal internship candidate:

  1. What level of education should your intern possess?
  2. Is there a specific degree or program that would best suit an intern with the assigned scope of work?
  3. How much professional experience should your intern possess?
  4. Will your internship offer professional development opportunities for your intern?
  5. Is your intern required to be of a certain age to legally perform work in your field?
  6. What are your goals for creating this program?

Disclaimer: Any internship program created for your organization should reflect a realistic role in your organization. As a rule of thumb, most internships should be created to address areas with the largest number of positions available, typically an entry-level role over a high skill, high experience role. This can include roles that have high turnover rates or are difficult to fill. However, it’s important to note that an internship should not replace any full-time existing positions.

Once you’ve determined your scope of work and what qualities your ideal intern should possess, you’re ready to find your type of internship. Stay tuned to learn more about what that looks like.

With both the competition and growing need for talented workforce increasing, internships allow for opportunities to recruit and retain individuals in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area. There is an intern to fit your every need at every level of education and experience. Ready to get started? Refer to our free Employer Guide to take you step-by-step through the development process.

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