My Journey for Employment

Jasmine Amo
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My journey for employment.

By Jasmine Amo 

Determining the Chosen Industry

Post-graduation, I found myself scrambling for job opportunities and to continue my professional development upon my career path. Having several areas of interest including financial analyzing, financial investing, project management, economic development, housing authority and city sectors, I initially felt as if the world was my oyster. After countless applications and time spent reviewing my resume and skills resulting in a fruitless search, I have come to terms that the process of career security is a challenge at first. But as an optimistic person, I refuse to lose hope in this process or in myself! The following will be a record of lessons and experiences I have learned during this time.

Recognizing Barriers to Entry

One of the most painful processes of job-seeking is realizing that several years of experience is required for your desired “dream job.” Furthermore, understanding that you may have to grow within the company by starting point at an entry-level position with entry-level compensation was certainly a bitter pill to swallow. This information has signaled to me the importance of choosing the right company to step foot in. My top priorities are having a consistent passion for my job, continuous learning experiences and growth, and the opportunity for upwards movement within the company or industry I apply myself to be in. Additionally, I plan to continue to enhance my salary and skills through external efforts of investing, selling items and maximizing the usage of assets around me for wealth generation.

Seeking Help from Others

A police officer once told me, “The squeakiest wheel is always tended to first.” His words have strongly resonated with me during this time as I constantly inquire to others about connections that may aid with getting a chance at an interview. I was amazed at the depth and number of professionals just my small circle of coworkers, friends and family knew and were willing to help me connect with. Building a professional network is imperative for the career application process as well. Through this process, I have found that it is essential to those who seek future professional employment to put aside their pride and simply ask those around them for help. You never know where your connections may lead you!

Getting organized

Additionally, I keep each that I apply for on a Microsoft spread sheet, along with the contact information of the hiring manager and or office number. This allows me to not apply for the same job twice and additionally gives me the chance to call and check in with my application statuses.

I appreciate those who have aided and advised me during this time in my life. I cannot thank them enough for believing in me and promoting me to find the next step in my career future! I plan to continue my path with job seeking and hope all of my collaborative efforts come to fruition.

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