Advertising an Internships

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Advertising an Internship

By now you’ve gone through all of the planning stages to set the foundation for your new internship and you’re ready to start the hiring process, which is fantastic! Here’s your guide to making the biggest impact with your job description and attracting top talent for your new internship role.

Write a Job Description

You’ve probably written a job description before, but did you know that complete descriptions that include key information such as a description of the organization’s culture, compensation details and other relevant information will attract more talent than those that don’t?

When creating a job description for your internship, be sure to include basic and preferred qualifications that describe what type of intern you are looking to hire. Include descriptions of the role, key activities the intern will be performing, target duration of the program, skills that will be developed, and any other relevant information to help the intern make an informed decision. Before publicly sharing the posting, conduct an internal review of the description and receive approval from key stakeholders, company leadership, and recruiters or other human resources personnel. It is also important to include company hiring policies and guidelines as a part of the description.

Checklist for writing a great job description:

  •  Internship job title
  • Description of role
  • Description of organization
  • Key activities or skills to be developed
  • Basic and preferred qualifications
  • Duration of internship
  • Compensation
  •  Additional relevant information

If you still need more support, connect with us here at the Wichita Falls Chamber for a job description template so you don’t have to start from scratch. Once your description is complete, you’re ready to advertise!

Where to Post

You should always start by adding the description to your organization’s website and any local, regional or national associations your organization may be associated with. Did you also know that we have great local and regional resources for you to share it to as well? Creating an online presence by sharing your internship opportunity for free on the below local and regional internship sites can help you recruit cast a wider net and recruit quality candidates.

  • Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce
  • Texas Internship Challenge
  • Midwestern State University
  • Vernon College
  • North Central Texas College
  •  Texas State Technical College

At the very least, if you can share your completed description with the Wichita Falls Chamber and we can help spread the word locally.

With both the competition and growing need for a talented workforce increasing, internships allow for opportunities to recruit and retain individuals in Wichita Falls and the surrounding area. There is an intern to fit your every need at every level of education and experience.

Ready to get started? Refer to our free Employer Guide to take you step-by-step through the development process.

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