Developing Intern Orientation

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Developing Intern Orientation

Before orientation begins, you will need to determine how to present training information to the intern, which includes company background, expectations and policies in addition to the outlined types of training. You may find inspiration from current orientation practices for full-time employees.

Avenues for presenting information can include immersion, shadowing an existing worker, individual training sessions with Human Resources, tours with their supervisor, or networking opportunities. All of which can help an intern acclimate to their new organizational home.

A standard orientation process may include:

Handbook/Hiring Paperwork Completion

    1. Provide and read through the company handbook
    2. Emphasize important policies, procedures, and expectations
      •  Include clock in/out procedures
      • Typical work schedule
      • Attendance policy and procedures for sick days
      • Give company ID, if applicable
      • If applicable, complete acknowledgment forms
    3. Complete employment paperwork:
      • Emergency contact form
      • I-9 form
      • Federal and State W-4
      • Non-Disclosure Agreement
      • Confidentiality Agreement
      • Vehicle Registration form
      • Intellectual Property Agreement

Safety Training

    1. Personal Protective Equipment needed to safely perform tasks
    2. Standard terminology for equipment, materials

Company Culture

    1. Company vision, mission, and goals
    2. Products and service provided and to whom
    3. Brief history of company
    4. Evaluation schedule

Education Needs

    1. What paperwork, evaluations, site visits or deadlines are required by the student or institution?

Facility Tour

    1. Include:
      • Workspace
      • Common areas
      • Conference or meeting rooms
      • Restrooms
      • Break rooms
      • Supply closet
      • Command center, copier, printer
      • Introduction to co-workers

Now you have your road map to navigating a quality onboarding process and your intern will be able to hit the ground running!

Ready to get started? Refer to our free Employer Guide to take you step-by-step through the development process. Connect with the Wichita Falls Chamber if you have any questions.

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