For nearly two years, we have led an aggressive brand promotion effort involving meeting with site consultants, attending Site Consultant Guild meetings, hosting virtual site consultant meetings, participating in Team Texas mission trips (both in-person and virtual).  We have also utilized social media to keep Wichita Falls top of mind.

Some may think we go “over the top” and push too much.  As far as I’m concerned, you can never push too much.

There are thousands of Economic Development Organizations (EDO’s), communities, counties, and regions trying to get the attention of industries and site consultants. It is a very crowded field, and it is difficult to get recognized, but we are accomplishing it.  He might do a running of a spec building as a quick little 15 or 30-second video.  It’s great because it allows us to know what’s in it and in his community.”

Case in point, Paige Webster, Webster Global Site Selectors, was a recent guest on the “Research Uncensored” podcast hosted by Bruce Takefman and Amber Hunter of ResearchFDI. Bruce and Amber asked about how economic development organizations get his attention. Here is part of his response:

“…there’s a gentleman in Wichita Falls, David Leezer, he’s a go-getter and some of the other practitioners may say he’s pontificating, but every day, at the end of the night I go through LinkedIn…that’s how I get my news from communities that aren’t in the national media.

Following up on that statement Amber Hunter said, “He’s always been ahead of the curve in terms of using social media…”

Which led Bruce Takefman to say “David Leezer is certainly someone who knows how to get noticed, and the fact that we are talking about him right now proves that he was creative enough to stand out over the noise…”

When we can get industry leaders like Paige, Bruce, and Amber to talk about Wichita Falls…our branding is working.

Want more credibility?  The pictures above are Didi Caldwell of Global Locations Strategies, Bruce Takefman of ResearchFDI, and Paige Webster of Webster Global Site Selectors modeling our Wichita Falls Chamber COVID masks.  Need I say anything else?

David Leezer is the VP of Business Attraction for the Wichita Falls Chamber and the Wichita Falls Economic Development Corporation.