To Wichita Falls Talent Partnership was created as a “collective impact” partnership that aligns education and training providers and cross-sector partners to improve educational outcomes and create a more competitive workforce. 

In the modern economy, talent is perhaps the key driver of economic success and prosperity. The availability of a skilled and educated workforce is a top factor influencing location decisions across many business sectors, and at the individual level, educational attainment is strongly correlated with earning potential and personal well-being. The adult population in Wichita Falls is relatively less educated than state and national averages. While this gap has been closing in recent years, the fact that younger people in Wichita Falls are less educated than older residents suggests this trend may not be sustainable. 

Wichita Falls is seeking to improve our workforce by producing and retaining “homegrown” talent and has the building blocks of a quality “talent pipeline” between our innovative educational institutions and devoted non-profits. However, stakeholders recognize the need for the region’s education and training providers, the business community, non-profits, and other partners to work more collaboratively. 

But what does this all really mean? Our goal is two-pronged: to find creative talent solutions for local employers, and to advocate for quality employment opportunities for job-seekers from all industries, backgrounds and education levels in our community. 

Over the last two years, we’ve been working on creating community-based programming that supports just that. Some of these resources include: 

  • Our Chamber job board, employment pathways, and resources 
  • Our re-imagined emerging leaders program called the Circuit 
  • Employment advocacy for military affiliates through our Military Matters initiative 
  • Developing the foundation for a community-wide Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program 
  • Increased collaborative internships 
  • Assisting employers directly through customized recommendations and talent pipeline management. 

Bottom line: We want to make your search for quality employment or employees as painless as possible. 

We’ll dive a little deeper into the Talent Partnership and more through a series of blogs. If workforce development sparks your interest and you’d like to learn more, don’t forget to follow along! Have specific questions? Reach out to Taylor Davis, Director of the Wichita Falls Talent Partnership & Military Liaison at taylor@wichitafallschamber.com. 

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Our city is filled to the brim with entrepreneurs, families of all ages, young professionals, college students, military families, airmen in training, and artists! We invite you to take a stroll to the Falls, walk the historic downtown to see the renowned World's Littlest Skyscraper and dine on local cuisine. We know you'll fall in love with Wichita Falls.

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