It seems like every few years, Facebook has a meltdown and goes down for the count. It has always resurfaced and collectively we let a big sigh of relief.

Imagine what would happen if it never came back up? Facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp, too, which means we would’ve lost those platforms as well.

Do you remember times BEFORE Facebook?

Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. I remember.

That was the time of running newspaper ads, tv commercials, billboards, press releases, flyers, radio, and extensive networking.  This has me thinking about what we would do if we lost one of the most used platforms in the world.

I talk to businesses all the time who don’t think they need a website because they have Facebook, or Instagram.  An outage like today shows how wrong that belief can be.

Are all your eggs in one basket? Do you have a backup plan?

In light of the recent Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp outage – how would you get the word out about your business?

I suggest you take the following steps ASAP:

  • Claim your Google My Business listing and complete your profile (it’s FREE). Turn on instant messages, share some posts, and add it to your content calendar.
  • Update your website. Take a minute to ensure your information is correct, all the links work and add some new photos.
  • Don’t have a website – start looking at options to get one made.
  • Create a Linkedin Business Page (I can’t stress this one enough).
  • Start a Pinterest page.
  • Consider TikTok.

If you have all your eggs in ONE basket – and that basket goes away…what do you do? How do you get new customers? How do you promote your event? How do you stay top of mind?

Maybe you’ve never considered there would be a day that we didn’t have Facebook and Instagram. But keep in mind Myspace used to be THE thing.

Marketing is all about the 7 touchpoints you make with a client before they even think about doing business with you. Which 7 outlets are you utilizing to do that?


Katie Britt is the Marketing Director for the Wichita Falls Chamber. Love this article? Let her know.