Let’s start with “What are Primary Jobs?”

  1. Primary jobs are jobs that locally create a good or service that is then exported/sold outside of the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) which is a fancy word for the “local trade area.”
  2. Examples of Primary Job industries are: Manufacturing, Professional Services (like a Call-Center), Distribution, and Warehousing.
  3. Examples of Non-Primary Job are: Grocery Stores, Gas/Service Stations and Restaurants (mainly the Retail Sector).

Location, Location, Location!

Why do I mention Primary Jobs in a Real Estate Blog?

It’s simple, a community can have the best location for business, yet if they do not have the workforce to fill the jobs – the location becomes irrelevant.  The new “catchphrase” should be workforce, workforce, WORKFORCE!

So how does BR&E play a role in real estate assistance?

  • The easy one here is…we help you find the land or building that will suit your needs.
  • We help navigate the planning, zoning, and permitting processes.
  • We provide information for the feasibility of a project.
  • We connect local resources to the client/customer/company. From contractors to building supply businesses, and from local service providers to custom design planners.
  • We help companies work through the process of “should we add on to our current facility or should we buy/build a new one.”
  • We help with infrastructure needs, from roads to utilities we can make the arrangements and connections.

And that’s how a BR&E program plays a role in the Real Estate part of economic development.

Have questions? Email Travis Haggard.

Travis Haggard is the V.P. of Business Retention and Expansion for the Wichita Falls Chamber and the Wichita Falls Economic Development Corporation.