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If you ask anyone in our office, the one line they constantly hear me say is “Team Game, Team Win.”
While somewhat annoying, it is a phrase that captures the true essence of successful economic development.
No individual can create a successful economic development, it truly takes a team.

A great example is the strong partnership we have with Team Texas.

Team Texas is a member-based state business attraction effort through the Texas Economic Development Council. Its mission is to create opportunities for job creation, increased investment, and economic diversification as a team of future-focused and collaborative Texas communities and partners. Through the leadership of its Executive Director, Samantha Brown, members come together under the Texas banner to promote the advantages of this state and its communities.

Team Texas sponsors and organizes several efforts including trade shows, marketing trips, site consultant meetings, virtual programs, and much more.

For example, the Chamber is working on a project acquired from a recently completed Team Texas outreach trip to Phoenix. While it is still in its early stages, Wichita Falls has established a strong relationship with this company and is hoping to host a site visit in early 2022.

Most recently, Wichita Falls was an active part of Team Texas at the Westec Trade Show in Long Beach, a leading West Coast industrial trade show. Several manufacturers, mostly based in California, attend this event to learn about the latest trends and to interact with potential clients and vendors.

Given the fact that countless industries are escaping to Texas from “The Golden State” for greener pastures and greater opportunities for success…it made perfect sense for us to participate in this show.

Countless companies flocked to the Team Texas booth to complain about onerous regulations imposed on them by California and the higher costs associated due to those laws. Most, if not all, were well aware that Texas was a far better state for businesses.

That is why we attend events under the Team Texas banner. This state has a global brand of pro-business, lower costs, easier access to markets, and a place where industries (and people) succeed. Promoting Wichita Falls under this brand enhances our ability to attract companies.

We are proud that Texas is recognized as the gold star for industry investment. Companies and people are flocking here to escape the excessive over-reach of state bureaucrats and Wichita Falls is making every effort to welcome them.

David Leezer, FM CEcD is the V.P. of Business Attraction for the Wichita Falls Chamber.

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