Leading Link

Conversation Architect & Operations Ninja

The Leading Link consolidates the efforts of all volunteers to ensure that each meeting flows properly. By remaining vigilant about communication, attendance, and facilitation each leader can ensure that meetings have the most value. This individual is also tasked with ensuring the Wichita Falls Chamber is fully aware of any problematic situations that may arise in a timely manner.

  • Facilitate meetings as outlined in agendas.
  • Prepare and email meeting agenda to all one week prior to meeting.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with Guest Liaison, Sergeant at Arms and Chamber.
  • Inform group of any resignations and/or new members.
  • Ensure Member Relations Specialist is included in all email correspondence.
  • Report any problematic behavior or situations to Member Relations Specialist immediately.


Guest Liaison

Head of Schmoozing & Scheduling Wizard

The Guest Liaison is the first point of contact for most people considering group participation and is responsible for scheduling subject matter experts who will deliver educational content during meetings. These volunteers should work within their groups to gather ideas on specific topics and speakers, and rely on the Wichita Falls Chamber for assistance as needed.

  • Serve as the direct point of contact for all guests. Welcome unannounced guests.
  • Schedules guest speakers for professional development meetings at least two weeks in advance.
  • Send expected guest speaker details to Leading Link for pre-meeting email.
  • Gather and share guest feedback with group volunteers and your Member Relations Specialist.


Sergeant at Arms

Head Wrangler & Keeper of the Clock

The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for ensuring that attendance is maintained, and time is respected. Attendance must be tracked and recorded at every meeting. The Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce will provide the necessary means for documenting attendance and will facilitate any communication with members who have not met their participation requirements. As a note, members cannot miss more than two consecutive or four total meetings in a calendar year.

  • Record attendance within 24 hours of the meeting.
  • Share any member status conflicts with Chamber.
  • Inform Chamber of any members who have not met their attendance requirements.
  • Ensure meeting timelines are followed.
  • Schedule elevator pitches to ensure every member presents once per year.

Explore The Falls

Our city is filled to the brim with entrepreneurs, families of all ages, young professionals, college students, military families, airmen in training, and artists! We invite you to take a stroll to the Falls, walk the historic downtown to see the renowned World's Littlest Skyscraper and dine on local cuisine. We know you'll fall in love with Wichita Falls.

Membership Investment

Your investment in your Chamber comes with tangible benefits, from business and professional development to relationship-building opportunities. In addition, your investment continues to support Chamber programs and initiatives that positively impact the business's quality of life. We offer a range of investment options that align with your business objectives.