When can I apply for The Circuit?

The application process opens in November and remains open until December 31st. Memberships begin in January and will continue through December. 

How much does it cost to join The Circuit? 

There is no cost to join The Circuit! 

What are the age requirements to join The Circuit? 

Members must be between the ages of 18 and 40. 

What’s the time requirement for members?

Members can expect to dedicate around 1-3 hours per month to various programs. This time can include one-on-ones with a mentor (1 hr/quarter), monthly programs (1hr/month), Chamber professional development programs (3-4 hours/quarter), open circuits (1-3 hours/quarter) and closed circuits (1-3 hours/year).

What are the age requirements to be a mentor? 

There is no age requirement to be a mentor, but a minimum of at least 5-10 years of specific industry expertise is preferred. 

What’s the time requirement for mentors?

Mentors can expect to spend at least one hour per mentee per quarter in a one-on-one setting, to take place at the convenience of both the mentor and mentee. The mentor/mentee relationship is a one-year commitment, so mentors can expect to commit four hours per year.

How long are Circuit Advisory Committee terms? 

Committee advisors serve one-year terms that run January through December of each year. 

How are members matched to their mentor? 

Mentors and members are matched together based off professional compatibility using a unique weighted matching system that takes into consideration industry, experience level, and areas of interest. This information is gathered when members and mentors join for the program through the registration form. After the initial assessment is finished, each match is reviewed bi-weekly by an internal match committee meeting. This committee will also review special cases, such as mismatches, ties and multiple matches to the same mentor.  

 How is the mentor matching system’s weights broken down? 

When conducting the matching process, industries are weighted at one point, experience level is matched at two points and each of the three areas of interested at weighted at three points each. A match can receive up to twelve points total between the three above listed categories. A match is considered compatible at a 67% match or higher, which is eight out of twelve points.  

How long will it take for me to be matched with a mentor?  

New members can expect to be matched with their mentor within 10-15 business days after they register for the Circuit. Sometimes a new member will not have an obvious mentor match when they first join, promoting our mentor matching committee to actively recruit a quality match from the community for this new member. If this happens, the new member will be updated as new information is received.  


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